Staff Spotlight: Leanne DeYoung, High School Teacher

Photo of Leanne Deyoung, High School Teacher at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science.

I’m Mrs. DeYoung! This is my 15th year teaching high school students at WMAES. I love being a teacher here so much. It’s my absolute joy to mentor young people and live a little bit of life with the incredible students here. I also love teaching at WMAES because I get to help teenagers learn the names of the birds and trees in their yards, learn how the human body works, and work with seniors on big game changing projects that make the world a better place!

Also about me – I absolutely love being outside (especially if I’m looking for birds with students), hiking with my family, or laying around in a hammock between the trees. I really love animals, coffee, Oreo flurries, Dr. Pepper LipSmacker too!”

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