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We expect more from our middle and high school students, because we offer more.

Emphasis on core studies such as language and writing, math, social studies, and science intensifies as we prepare our middle school and high school students for experiences for today and beyond.

The focus on preparing students to be career and college ready starts on the first day of 6th grade and continues towards graduation.  Students focus more rigorously on the content.  We push our students to reach high marks in core content to prepare them for college expectations.  For those who struggle in academic performance, office hours after school are provided to support those learners.

In addition, broader course offerings such as Spanish and Environmental Science are introduced, and the early presentation of high school material begins. At this level, teachers and staff also take time to identify individual strengths and weaknesses with each student to ensure that each child not only has a solid grasp of the core curriculum, but also continues to receive the resources and guidance needed to advance.

Hi! I’m Alan Bosker, Secondary Principal at WMAES.

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West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science has dedicated ourselves to high performing academics, character education and a strong school culture.  Our community of learners and educators promote a sense of belonging and passion for education.  Our hands-on experiences and student-focused nature has earned WMAES a spot as one of the best secondary charter schools in Michigan.

By: U.S. News | April 2022

By: U.S. News | April 2022

By: U.S. News | April 2022

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WMAES is the only area high school that focuses so intently on the rigors and rewards of science. Yet, it still provides a complete, well-rounded education for every student.

Through an Educational Development Plan, students develop paths that will support their transition to future education and employment.  High school students develop pathways to best give them the experience for developing the skills needed after graduation. The Pathway that they choose that influences their curriculum for their final high school years.

For students preparing for careers in science, the intense level of instruction they receive is unparalleled.

When our students’ graduate they are ready to enter college. In fact, some students are prepared for college even before they graduate thanks to programs that feature dual enrollment, advanced college placement courses, college credit and, in some cases, even early graduation.

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