Parent Resources

Parent Resources

At WMAES, we like to provide our students and parents with the resources to help them succeed. We believe that are students are capable of learning both inside and outside the classroom. However, there are times outside the classroom that students might need additional support with their learning. Our educators have selected specific homework assistance sites to be of help when students are not in the classroom. Please feel free to explore.

Parent Resources

Reading Resources

Math Resources

Helpful Websites

  • Quizlet – Create and take quizzes on almost any subject matter. This is also a great resource fro practicing spelling tests too!
  • Scholastic – Set up your own parent page and order books easily through your child’s teacher. You are also able to search books by reading levels.
  • Power My Learning – This site makes it easy to access free online activities that support Common Core. With an extensive library of resources organized by grade, the opportunities are endless. Teachers can create accounts for students and assign specific online activities for additional support. Parent accounts are linked to student accounts, allowing parents to view the assigned activities and check their child’s progress.

Student Medication

WMAES follows the guidelines set by Michigan Department of Education and Michigan Department of Community Health. Before any medication can be given to your child while they are at school, a School Medication Administration Authorization form must be completed. This form must be signed by both a parent/guardian and a physician. This includes both prescription and over-the-counter medication. No medication will be given to your child without this signed form.