Intent to Return

Steps for Intent to Return

(Note: Intent to return starts on February 6, 2023 and ends March 3, 2023.)

1. Visit the Parent Portal

2. Click the Login tab and enter your Username and Password
3. Your child’s information screen will appear
4. Click Intent to Return on the left side of the page
5. Fill out the required information
6. Review the information listed to make sure everything is current
     - Make changes as needed
7. Click Submit

Let us know if you run into any issues, have questions, or need assistance. You can email us at or call 616-791-7454 prompt 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Re-enrolling Students

  • The academy shall notify parents or guardians of all enrolled students of the deadline for notifying the academy that they wish to re-enroll their child.
  • If the academy board has a sibling preference policy, the re-enrollment notice must also request that the parent or guardian indicate whether a sibling(s) seeks to enroll for the upcoming academic year.
  • An enrolled student who does not re-enroll by the specified date can only apply to the academy during the application period for new students.
  • An applicant on the waiting list at the time a new application period begins must reapply as a new student.
  • After collecting the parent or guardian responses, the Academy must determine the following:
    • The number of students who have re-enrolled per grade or grouping level.
    • The number of siblings seeking admission for the upcoming academic year per grade.
    • If space is unavailable, the Academy must develop a waiting list for siblings of re-enrolled students.
    • The number of spaces remaining, per grade, after enrollment of current students and siblings.