Thank you for your interest in kindergarten at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science! We are excited to share what our program is all about.

At West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science, our students participate in a variety of environmentally-based programs, in addition to receiving quality instruction in traditional areas such as reading, writing, math and social studies. Other classes such as Spanish, art, physical education and computer technology provide further stimulation for each child and creates the solid groundwork for a lifelong love of learning.

Hi! I’m Nate VanDuinen, Elementary Principal at WMAES.

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West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science has a commitment to excellence. Every member of our staff has a passion for our students and their growth. Together, with families, we are providing our students with the knowledge and experiences that will prepare them for achieving their goal.


  • Common Core State Standards

  • Language Arts: CKLA

    • Letters, sounds, tricky words, reading words, reading phrases, reading sentences and emergent readers
  • Math: Go Math!

    • Numbers 0-100, addition, subtraction, measurement, classifying objects, comparing numbers 
  • Science: Mystery Science and CCSS

  • Social Studies: Character Educations, MAISA Units

  • Environmental Science:

    • Taught by Mr. Shawn and Mrs. Holly
    • 45-minute class once a week
    • Outdoor learning based on themes/classroom learning
    • Seasonal Activities- cider making, syrup tapping, snowshoeing, science symposium, gardening, Earth Week events
A day in the life of a kindegartener graphic
Graphic describing the main differences between our young fives and kindergarten programs

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