High School Student Program Opportunities

High School Student Program Opportunities
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Advanced Placement

Classes offered at WMAES by WMAES staff. Students can take an assessment (paid for by the school) at the end of the year offering college credit equivalency.


The AP curriculum, administered by The College Board, consists of standardized high school courses that are roughly
equivalent to undergraduate college courses. After completing an AP class, students take the AP exam in that subject,
which can earn them credits and accelerated placement in college.

• Prerequisites: Approval from the AP teacher at WMAES
• Grade Level: 10, 11 and 12

Dual Enrollment

Take classes at GRCC while at WMAES. Earn both college and high school credit for free.

Students are enrolled and taking classes at both WMAES and Grand Rapids Community College at once. Students take
classes at both locations and with passing grades, students receive both high school and college graduation credits.

• Grade Level: 11 and 12

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Career training programs hosted by the Kent ISD, WMAES students get hands on training in a career field. Depending on the program, students can attend 1 or 2 years with the 2nd year receiving college credit.

Kent Career Tech Center and Kent Transition Center integrate the learning environment with real-world applications and arm students with knowledge and experience they can apply directly to college and career.

  • Enrollment is determined by KCTC & KTC
  • Grade Level: 11 and 12

Launch U

WMAES' early college program through the Kent ISD. In 5 years, students complete their associates degree and high school diploma while taking both high school classes and college courses.

Launch U is an early college program and is an exceptional opportunity to earn a college degree. By taking a combination of high school and college courses, students earn both a high school diploma and associate degree - cost free. Upon completion of an early college program, students may directly pursue a career or continue with higher education.

  • Prerequisites: Application (during 9th grade year), qualifying assessment scores and GPA
  • Grade Level: 10, 11, and 12
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CLEP Program

WMAES students can earn up to 48 hours of college credit by testing out of courses that are aligned to WMAES curriculum. Students will need to study material and prepare for the assignment. 2 years of college could be completed before graduating from WMAES.

A CLEP test is an exam that tests a person for college level knowledge of a particular subject, and if a person passes the exam, they will be given college credit as if they had actually taken the courses.

  • Prerequisites: Students must pass WMAES course with a B or higher and/or prepare for the test individually
  • Grade Level: 9, 10, 11 and 12
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