Students Go All Out to Raise Money for Haiti

All week, students and staff participated in a variety of activities that brought in nearly $2500 dollars. These funds will be donated to the American Red Cross. Eighth grader Emily Sutter commented, “After seeing all of the destruction, we had to do something and it was really cool to raise money doing things that were fun.”

On Tuesday and Friday, students could pay a dollar to opt out of wearing the school uniform. All proceeds from the basketball game also went into the fund.

What started as a week-long penny war evolved into a general donation competition as students contributed more money than just pennies. Five classes collected more than $100 each, with the winning class, Mrs. Stehouwer’s first graders, bringing in more than $135. The week ended with a bake sale that brought in even more money.

“I’m really proud of the work the students and staff did to raise so much money in such a short time,” said Mr. Josh Hahn, the elementary principal. “I think this really brought home how important it is to help other people and the kids feel as if they’ve really accomplished something. They learned that even a small amount can make a big impact.”

The students will continue to look for ways to help in the future, including serving as a collection site when relief agencies feel they can accommodate the donation of materials.
Every day you’ll find the students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science working hard in the classroom or at one of the outdoor labs that dots the school’s 62-acre campus. But last week, the students had an additional purpose: to raise as much money as possible for Haitian relief efforts.

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