Paper Trailer is Back

The students and staff at West Michigan Academy are pleased to announce that the paper trailer is back! For over five years, the school and the community have been using the trailer on a daily basis, recycling literally tons of paper products each year.

Years ago, Mark Zimmer, a WMAES graduate came up with the idea as a way to help pay for college. Every month or so (depending on how fast the trailer is filled) Mark donates half of the income generated from the paper being recycled.
Even though the initial idea for the trailer was as a fundraiser, it has turned into one great visual on how much paper our community and school uses. When students take their recycling out to the trailer, they are in disbelief as to how much paper is consumed. Many of the students at WMAES realize that there are many ways to protect and preserve our environment. Reducing our paper use and recycling everything we can directly reduces our carbon footprint, which is what we are really all about.
Please feel free to drop off a load of paper. Maybe one of our friendly students will even help you unload it!

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