Join Us For Winter Fun!

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science’s winter programs have always been successful, but none have been as exciting, educational, and fun as the survival camp. With nearly 35 participants, the forest was crackling with excitement and fires. Each “survivor” was responsible for making a snow/stick shelter, starting a fire, boiling water, and making hot chocolate for their group. Watching the children do all these activities, and seeing how easily it all came to them, might have lead you to believe they’ve always lived in the wilderness. They took charge of the situation, and did what they needed to do to survive — they worked together. Here is what the mother/daughter team thought of the evening. “Snowshoeing was fun and building our own fire was challenging. We would definitely do it again, maybe for an all-nighter? Thanks again for a wonderful time”. We will see about that all-nighter next year.
We work really hard to make sure that all of our participants, young and old, learn a thing or two at these events while also making them fun and challenging. If you would like to see what all the excitement is about, you should consider bringing your family to one of the many programs we have scheduled for the rest of the winter. Hope to see you there!

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