British Educators Visit WMAES

On Wednesday, February 23 from 12:30-2:30pm, a group of British educators, along with Tim Odykirk and Dr. Phil Lundquist from the Central Michigan University (CMU) Center for Charter Schools, will be visiting West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. This group of 10 educators has come from Hull, England with expertise in the areas of Sciences, Mathematics, Geography, Business, and English. In England, they teach students from the ages of 11-18. They will be taking a tour of our school, and speaking with teachers and students along the way. CMU has brought British educators to Michigan to visit their charter schools for the past seven years. This year is not the first time CMU has chosen our school as a host to their visitors. This recognition is yet another example of how the hard work our staff and students put in on a daily basis pays off!
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