Reducing Debt Before College – A Senior Capstone Project

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On February 26 and 27, 32 students presented their senior capstone projects regarding current world issues to a panel of judges. Topics ranged from mental health in teens to online gambling just to name a few. One project, in particular, spotlighted the student loan crisis in America. Senior Randy Miedendorp watched his brother rack up [...]

Student Spotlights: Written by Students

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Art By Adria and Murphy This piece was made by Sophia, a freshman here at WMAES. Her passion for art stemmed from her passion for activism. A clothing company named J Jill holds an art competition every year, for a fundraiser for women's rights. During the competition artists can try to make the best design [...]

Students Raise Money For Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

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Jada Riley and Bre Mulder are Seniors at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. While introducing themselves the girls explained they were aspiring nurses planning to attend local colleges in the fall. In the meantime, they are staying occupied finishing out their final year of highschool. “I am involved in a lot of extracurriculars like [...]

Art by Lydia – Written by Adria and Murphy

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These pieces are by Lydia, a junior at WMAES. Lydia has been drawing since she was around 10, and began because her good friend, Christine, had been drawing for a long time. Lydia and her friend were their art teacher's two main students. He pushed them both to focus and work hard on their art. [...]

Toys for Eagles

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The student council of WMAES led a very robust Toys for Eagles program this year. They wanted to make sure that every child and family in the community had a memorable holiday. Toys for Eagles is an internal support program that offers WMAES families the opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with a little extra [...]

Staff Spotlight: Amanda Kinnucan

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Amanda Kinnucan plays a vital role in West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science’s daily success.  Her title is Office Assistant, but her work plays a huge role in achieving WMAES’ growth, goals and establishing its culture. You can often find her behind-the-scenes completing tasks that contribute to the school’s success so that all students’ needs [...]

Choice Leaders Present at National and Local Conferences

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  “You can buy attention, but you can’t buy trust. You can buy attention with billboards, you can buy attention with radio ads, but you can’t buy trust. Trust is earned through storytelling.” That was the message you would hear during Sara Mooney, chief communications and development officer, and Kerri Barrett, principal at West Michigan [...]

Students attend Shark Tank at Davenport University

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Thousands of dollars were not being offered for the pitched ideas at the Davenport University Shark Tank experience, but students did get the thrill of being under pressure and learning how to sell an idea they are passionate about in a short period of time. West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science students also left with [...]