Surprise Skype Call with Meteorologist Ginger Zee!

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Ginger Zee, a meteorologist from Good Morning America, surprised second-and third-grade students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science with a special Skype call on January 8, 2018. Rachel McKenna, a second-grade teacher has been a fan of Ginger Zee since her memoir and children's book, Chasing Helicity,  was released. Having both grown up in [...]

New Nature Preschool Coming Soon!

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We are so excited to announce that we are starting a new nature-based preschool at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science for the 2019/2020 school year. Every classroom will be nature-based while focusing on developing the foundation of early childhood academic skills. The goal of the school is to provide students, aged three to four, with [...]

Student Wins Midwest Charter Schools K-5 Art Contest

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One of our students won second place for 2018's Midwest Charter Schools K-5 art competition! Also, Midwest Charter Schools K-5 Art has a very successful campaign on social media networks. Check out this site and see how the experts are doing it! Click here to see more about our proud winner.

Literacy Grant Recipients

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CONGRATULATIONS TO LITERACY GRANT RECIPIENTS Great news! All schools within the Choice network have been awarded the Early Literacy Grant! ​​​​​​​A huge thank you goes out to all of the Literacy Coaches and Carrie Paddock for their hard work to meet the grant deadline. What does this mean for you and your school? It means [...]

[Alumni Spotlight] Ashleigh Breton – Class of 2018

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She started at WMAES as a sixth grader. She took AP Biology as a sophomore with a class full of seniors. By the time she graduated as the 2018 salutatorian, she had her CNA and 13-credits from Kent Career Technical Center (KCTC) that she could apply to her undergraduate studies at Davenport University. Through hard [...]

Environmental School Goes to the Rogue River! Data-collecting remote-controlled boats, aquatic critters, and more!

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65 WMAES students (mostly freshmen) headed to the Rogue River in downtown Rockford in May to test custom-made data-collecting remote-controlled boats, race oranges & watercraft, investigate aquatic critters, test water quality, and scope-out local birds. Big shout-out to Shawn Wessell, Leanne DeYoung, Cam Smith, and Lauren Beuving for chaperoning and helping make this day a [...]