New Freedom for Willow

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Meet Willow the wood turtle (Glyptemys insculpta).   She arrived at Blandford Nature Center in 2004 and is likely at least 20 years old.  In captivity, wood turtles can live more than 50 years.  Wood turtles are very fond of earthworms and can lure the worms to the surface by tapping their shell on the [...]

Winter Weather is Here

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As we begin to experience some of the more “normal” winter weather for West Michigan, please make the necessary safety arrangements to get your children to school. Keep your eyes and ears open for cancellations that will be posted on most television stations before 6:30 am. Please be sure we have your most recent and [...]

STEAM School Challenge

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On Friday, October 27, 68 students from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science, Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change (our sister school) and Creative Technologies Academy participated in a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) Challenge. This is the first of three events planned throughout the year which will focus on how we can [...]

Meet our new Secondary Principal, Alan Bosker

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We are excited to introduce Mr. Alan Bosker as the new Secondary Principal for West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. Alan comes to us from Three Oaks Public School Academy in Muskegon, where he served as the Academy’s Assistant Principal. In 2011, before joining TOPSA, he helped open Hope Academy and served as the Academy’s School [...]

WMAES’ Kerri Barrett Named Top 5 Finalist for Michigan Administrator of the Year

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West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science’s (WMAES) elementary principal, Kerri Barrett, was named as a Top 5 Finalist for MAPSA yesterday. WMAES is an environmentally-focused kindergarten through 12th-grade school located in Walker, Michigan and is managed by Choice Schools Associates. “To be in the Top 5 Administrators of the Year for MAPSA is a tribute [...]

Spring is Here: Baby Animals by Ms. Holly

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Spring is here and so are baby animals! I LOVE baby animals and when I see one that is all alone, it just tears at my heart. My first instinct is to help the baby animal, but I am encouraging everyone to leave baby animals where they are. Miss Holly and Mr. Shawn can't take [...]

Students Take a Bite out of Physics

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Leslie Matildez and Nancy Parsons are ninth grade physical science students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. Students were asked to create projects using an animal of their choice, a physics concept covered in class, and a creative story to tie the two together. Leslie and Nancy chose the topic of force for their [...]

Students Go All Out to Raise Money for Haiti

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All week, students and staff participated in a variety of activities that brought in nearly $2500 dollars. These funds will be donated to the American Red Cross. Eighth grader Emily Sutter commented, “After seeing all of the destruction, we had to do something and it was really cool to raise money doing things that were [...]

The WMAES Experiment – Chicken TV

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Mrs. Heintskill and Mrs. Lameris second grade students are hatching eggs at WMAES. The students Science Fair project is titled; "Does the temperature affect the hatch rate on chicken eggs". They collected eggs over three days and recorded the temperature each day and then put the eggs in the incubator and waited. Each student made [...]