Giving Tuesday: Easy Ways to Give Back to your School Community

Parents, teachers, and students alike all love the holiday season. This time of year is a great way for everyone to reflect and be encouraged by the potential and talent of all our students!  As we commemorate this Giving Tuesday, check out some ways to show support for the communities we serve, and it starts with giving our families, students, and staff a big thank you!


#1 – Show your love – The first opportunity to show your support is by leaving a review. If your child loves our school, tell someone about us! Go to our social media and google pages and leave a few thoughts on how our school has positively influenced your child’s life. It only takes a few minutes, and your thoughts can bring that amazing experience to other families who might be looking for it.


#2 – Donate supplies – Another great way to give back to our school is to give your favorite teachers some supplies. Anything from pencils to hand sanitizer is appreciated, and those supplies support the class as a whole.


#3 Give thanks – Finally, who doesn’t love a hand-written note? Write a thank you card to those that you appreciate at school. Our principals, bus drivers, and teachers all care greatly about the families that walk through our doors, and it would make their days to know how appreciative our families are for the work they do.


With December around the corner, it can be easy for all of us to get locked in on what comes next. We encourage you all to finish strong this semester, and we hope to see those smiling faces soon.