Choice Leaders Present at National and Local Conferences


“You can buy attention, but you can’t buy trust. You can buy attention with billboards, you can buy attention with radio ads, but you can’t buy trust. Trust is earned through storytelling.”

That was the message you would hear during Sara Mooney, chief communications and development officer, and Kerri Barrett, principal at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science, and Becky Carlton and Grace Noyola from the Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA) presentation on digital communications and storytelling

They have presented at the National Alliance for Public Charter School Conference in Las Vegas. They also presented again at the MAPSA Michigan Charter School Symposium on December 11 in Troy, MI. 

Kerri PresentingThis interactive session empowered participates to change the charter school narrative through digital communication strategies, resulting in positive student enrollment, increase teacher retention and gain public support. 

The significance of the message comes at a time when charter school parents, teachers, students and community members are gaining momentum and sharing school’s stories is more important than ever in today’s charter school movement. 

Participants who attended took away strategies to create buzz through clear, consistent, positive stories of student success utilizing digital tactics, including social media and videos. It was important that participants learned how to uncover key messaging and to create brand guidelines to help promote charter schools.

The first time they presented was at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools’ annual conference in front of more than 100 people.  Participants were engaged in the conversation and excited about the material presented—so much that the presentation was selected as one of the top 5 programs!Sara Mooney Presenting

Most recently, the team presented at the Michigan Charter School Symposium. There were more than 40 people in attendance who stated they now feel prepared to better tell their school’s story.

We are so proud of Sara Mooney and Kerri Barrett. Their influential leadership in helping our school’s narratives through the creation of new digital communication strategies helps to enhance each of our schools’ stories.  

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