16 students excelled during their Capstone Experience presentations

Last week Wednesday and Thursday marked another successful year of Capstone Experience presentations at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. This year 16 students spent a year researching and digging deep into a societal, environmental, or health-related issue that they felt very strongly about. The students focused on a plethora of issues such as the danger of puppy mills, police brutality, immigration and water filtration needs.

“My favorite part of the Capstone Experience is that it allows students during the school day to follow their unique passions,” said Leanne DeYoung, lead teacher of the Capstone Experience.

This trimester-long experience starts as a research idea or “passion project.” The students develop a hypothesis, brainstorm solutions, conduct their own research and implement plans towards the identified problem to impact their own communities.

“I have been able to witness student’s Capstone projects bring light to some issues that are really important to large groups of students at WMAES and make this community a more positive culture to be a part of,” DeYoung said.

We are so proud of the successes achieved amidst all the snow days this past month. Their perseverance is to be commended.

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