WMAES Is a MI HEARTSafe School

At West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science we prioritize health and safety because we know that our students work better when they feel safe with us. We are pleased to receive recognition by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as a HEARTSafe school. They have commended our efforts to prevent and prepare for cardiac emergencies, and we are so proud to see our hard work appreciated.

To be a Michigan HEARTSafe school we’ve: created an emergency response plan for cardiac emergencies, created a response team with to-date CPR certifications, have had all athletics coaches and physical education staff CPR/AED trained, held an annual cardiac emergency response drill and have had all pre-participation screenings completed for athletics.

This program was developed to help schools prepare for a cardiac emergency. We are so proud to have been awarded this recognition, receive our letter of recommendation and a spotlight on the Michigan Genetics Resource Center website. As winter break approaches, there is plenty going on at school this year. End-of-year testing, holiday celebrations and more are in store this December. Keep up with us this winter, follow us on social media and our blog!

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