WMAES Senior Featured in “The Local Beet”

AJ Tipton, a senior at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science was recently featured in The Rapidian as part of a series of food-related articles called “The Local Beet”.
After watching a PBS documentary in class last year entitled “Harvest of Fear: Exploring the Growing Fight Over Genetically Modified Food”, Tipton’s perspective of food changed, and he began researching genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Through the research Tipton did for his senior project, he learned that GMOs are in everything from food to clothing. Taking GMOs out of your life means changing your life.
Tipton is now incorporating changes in his life to cut out GMOs. He shops at smaller, local stores, as opposed to large chains. He reduced his trips to restaurants, and advocates growing your own food from organic seed.
To read more about Tipton’s senior project, the original article “The Local Beet: Student Food Activist, AJ Tipton” can be found here.

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