Winter Weather is Here

As we begin to experience some of the more “normal” winter weather for West Michigan, please make the necessary safety arrangements to get your children to school.

  • Keep your eyes and ears open for cancellations that will be posted on most television stations before 6:30 am.
  • Please be sure we have your most recent and up-to-date phone numbers, as we will be sending out School Reach messages when a cancellation occurs.
  • Leave home earlier than normal, as traffic and treacherous road conditions will slow you down.
  • Please be sure your child/children have dressed appropriately for the weather in case there is an emergency where they might be exposed to the elements.
  • If you choose to keep your child/children home, please be sure to contact the school office so that accurate attendance records can be kept. Contact us at 616.791.7454.

Please keep in mind that we are thinking of you and your family’s safety first when making decisions to cancel school. It is very rare that we will ever start school late since most of our families’ parents/guardians work during the day and would be unable to leave work to bring their children to school. Likewise, it would be rare for school to be cancelled once we are in session for the reason(s). We have had to cancel or release early in the past because of inclement weather – another reason your contact information must be up-to-date and accurate.

Once again, your family’s safety is our priority when making these decisions. Thank you for your help as we work through our challenging West Michigan winter weather.

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