Summertime Sadness

The mud oven was destroyed by vandals this summer during the 4th of July weekend! Everyone was really sad to see the destruction, and we tried to understand the reasoning behind it all – perhaps it’s because they wanted a MUD OVEN PIZZA? Don’t fret! We made another mud oven with the help of some volunteers. This year’s mud oven is even bigger and better than before, and Miss Holly and Mr. Shawn are excited to start cooking some pizzas with all the students this school year! Maybe you didn’t even know we had a mud oven? So, you’re probably thinking… what in the world IS a mud oven? Well, we used clay, sand, straw and water to create a building material referred to as Cob. This material is mixed on a tarp with our feet, and then we form an oven shape over top of a sand mound. This dries for about 2 weeks, and then the sand is removed, leaving an open area where the fire can be built. This fire then heats up the cob material, which is like sand at the beach – it absorbs the heat and then circulates it throughout the oven. Just like a conventional oven at home! Get ready to make some chicken BBQ pizzas this fall during Environmental Science class! Who’s feeling hungry?

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