Students Take a Bite out of Physics

Leslie Matildez and Nancy Parsons are ninth grade physical science students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. Students were asked to create projects using an animal of their choice, a physics concept covered in class, and a creative story to tie the two together. Leslie and Nancy chose the topic of force for their class project, using a T-Rex and a story about salsa to convey their understanding of force in physics.

Chompy the Dino is a T-Rex who makes salsa by chomping on tomatoes while he adjusts the speed of his chomping to produce more salsa. Our drawing is representing the force and speed concepts. Chompy picks up a tomato with his mouth, begins to chomp up the tomato and starts to make the salsa. His name “Chompy” is representing the force of his actions. His amazing trick and intentions are to make salsa for his family, friends and his store. The amount of speed he uses; the more salsa he provides. His love for his family and store gives him the ability to change jaw force, which in turn makes him more determined to make more salsa in doing so.

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