Service Learning Trip

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science students enjoyed an exciting opportunity, thanks to our management company Choice Schools Associates, and many other local Grand Rapids businesses. 13 students were given the opportunity to experience the environmental impact caused by human activity at the New York Adirondack Park. The students were juniors and seniors at WMAES who have kept up their grades, and avoided disciplinary problems throughout the year. Students left Saturday, April 28, and arrived in Chicago, where they departed on the Amtrak for New York. The trip lasted nine days, April 28 through May 8. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was filled with many exciting adventures.
Upon arriving in New York, students went for a hike. The following day, students visited the Up Yonda Farm, an Interpretive Center, where they assembled butterfly nets, worked on the wood chipping trail, and later experienced team building exercises. On Tuesday, the students participated in aquatic invasive species removal and storm drain stenciling at the East Shore of Schroon Lake Association. The following two days were spent at the Adirondack Museum, where students categorized artifacts and plant species, as well as helped with painting and assisting with outdoor trail and building maintenance. On the students’ last full day in New York, they assisted the Wild Center of Tupper Lake with removing Scotch Pine invasive seedlings. Before leaving New York, Saturday night, students participated in an outdoor survival hiking trip.
Not only was the Service Learning Trip an amazing opportunity for WMAES students, but it also helped them develop personal characteristics and self-mindfulness. The trip promoted self-reliance, while instilling the value of stewardship in each student. Valuable leadership skills were gained, as well as a strengthening in communication skills, and the team building exercises helped students learn to function as an integral part of a team.
Thank you so much, West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science Students, for caring about the world. Removing one carbon footprint at a time!

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