Heart of Gold

This year’s Toys for Eagles was more successful than ever! With many classrooms collecting over 50 toys each, WMAES was able to ensure that 18 families – 50 children in all – had a special gift available on Christmas morning. – Read more about Toys for Eagles here!

However, there was one sixth grader who made it her mission to provide gifts for as many children as she could. Elena Aguilar-Preciado is a 6th grader here at WMAES.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she brought in close to 100 toys,” stated Mrs. Byrnes, Elena’s Spanish teacher.

Elena donated 94 toys for the Toys for Eagles drive, yet her class didn’t even win the donation drive. Although her classmates were a bit disappointed, Elena said “I didn’t really care about the prize. I didn’t even really want it. I just wanted to give to others.”

According to Mrs. Donohue, Elena is “a very compassionate and warm-hearted young lady. She is often heard encouraging her peers and thinking of others before herself.” –Elena, thank you for helping so many families this holiday season. Keep being the YOU, you are!

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