Breathing Trees Craft

We realize as the summer winds down, finding activities to keep you children entertained and active can be daunting. Have no fear- we’ve found a great craft to keep your little ones outdoors and learning! A hot summer’s day is the perfect time to observe how trees take in carbon dioxide and let out oxygen.

For this craft you will need:
A tree with leaves that are low to the ground
Clear plastic bag
On a sunny day, use a piece of string to tie a clear plastic bag around a clump of green leaves on the end of a tree branch. Leave it for an hour or two.
When you come back, the inside of the bag should be coated with drops of water. Why? Instead of a nose and mouth, plants have lots of tiny holes, or stomata, in their leaves through which they breathe. Be sure to explain to your youngsters that just like our own breath, plant exhalation is full of moisture, which condenses on the bag as it’s heated by the sun. The same principle is at work when you fog up a mirror with your breath.

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