Ginger Zee, a meteorologist from Good Morning America, surprised second-and third-grade students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science with a special Skype call on January 8, 2018. Rachel McKenna, a second-grade teacher has been a fan of Ginger Zee since her memoir and children’s book, Chasing Helicity,  was released. Having both grown up in Rockford, MI, she has been following her professional career and has a personal connection.

“I have loved how she is a wonderful role model for young scientists, especially young women scientists, and have connected with her with that in mind.” McKenna said.

McKenna informally met her at a book signing and invited her to stop by West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science on her next visit in Grand Rapids. The Skype was a product of the invitation. The students were very interested in how Ginger Zee became a meteorologist, as well as her most dangerous experiences on the job.

“They loved finding out that she fell in love with weather and storms at the age of 8, so very close to their own ages!” commented McKenna. “This makes weather much more relatable to them and that they too can have and achieve goals at such a young age.”

Zee encouraged the kids to always try something, even if they don’t think they will be good at it. She paralleled this with her writing her memoir, I Cover Them. I am One: Ginger Zee. It was a great opportunity for our students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. We are grateful for Ginger Zee taking the time out of her busy schedule to talk with some of our students.