To Enroll A New Student, Complete the Following Enrollment Steps:

Come Explore with us!

STEP 1: Take a Tour and Attend an Event

*Due to the state-wide closure, tours and visits are canceled and not required for enrollment.

Once the Governor’s Orders change, we will update our website with new dates and times for tours.

**Virtual Tours Coming Soon**

STEP 2: Apply Online

Enroll online using the link below.

2020/2021 Preschool – 12th Grade Enrollment Application

STEP 3: A WMAES representative will contact you through phone, email and/or mail to request documentation.

  1. CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE (REQUIRED) – if unable to provide a birth certificate, the following may also be accepted as proof of date of birth: Affidavit of Parentage, Baptism or Church Certificate, Hospital Certificate, Immigration Documents or Passport. *At this time we will accept a copy of this document. Be prepared to show original birth certificate by Aug. 1 to complete official enrollment documentation
  2. IMMUNIATION RECORD OR WAIVER FORM * At this time we will accept a copy of valid immunization waiver for 2020 school year listing WMAES as the school. Be prepared to turn in the original copy of immunization waiver by Aug 1 to complete official enrollment documentation.
  3. MOST RECENT REPORT CARD *Due to the closure, this document will not be required to be on file until August 1, 2020
  4. IEP/504 – if needed *Due to the closure, this document will not be required to be on file until August 1, 2020

STEP 4: Student and Family Interview with Principal will be scheduled by the office secretary.

*During the time of our closure our administrative team will reach out to set up a phone or conference meeting.

    • WMAES Behavior and Academic Expectations
    • WMAES Logistics
      1. School Hours
      2. Lunch
    • Questions from student/parent

STEP 5: Follow Us on Social Media to keep up on our adventures!

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STEP 6: Assessment for Kindergarten placement-beginning of August

WMAES will communicate throughout the application and enrollment process to ensure your student has a smooth start at our school.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions as they come up. Contact information is below.  

Thank you for choosing WMAES! 

Phone: 616-791-7454

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