To Kill a Mockingbird Trial

On Wednesday morning Mr. Wrobbel’s 8th grade English class packed up for a quick trip to the Walker City Courthouse to go to trial. In order to create an engaging and interactive experience, Mr. Wrobbel has his students enact the trial scene from To Kill a Mockingbird. This year they were able to take their experience out of the classroom and into the courtroom.

“My students actually seem really into the idea. To Kill a Mockingbird is kind of a dryer book and there’s so much into it in terms of dialect – what was happening culturally at the time, historically at the time – so you really have to break down what was happening in the novel.” Mr. Wrobbel said.

Mr. Wrobbel asking 8th graders a question about To Kill a Mockingbird

The students were engaged and listening as they read through the script, each acting out a designated part. As the 8th grade class went through the script, Mr. Wrobbel would pause to ask questions to make sure all the students were fully understanding the script. The responses were engaging and insightful.

We are so thankful for our teachers who go above and beyond everyday to educate our students so well!

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