Matt Wilhelm Puts on School Assembly Program at WMAES

Matt Wilhelm, three time X-Games medalist is visiting West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science today, May 12, to put on an outside show for the elementary school students.
Wilhelm travels across the country speaking to over 300 schools each year about topics such as perseverance, bicycle safety, bullying, goal setting, drug awareness, and character counts. His programs are 40 minutes, and cover perseverance and two other topics chosen by the school.
While at WMAES, Wilhelm will be addressing the topics of perseverance, bicycle safety and goal setting. His discussion on perseverance explains to children that hard work and never giving up pays off. He shares his own life story of being told he would never be good enough, and not letting that slow him down. Through his bicycle safety topic, Wilhelm uses volunteers to demonstrate the three common places where bike accidents occur: the street, driveway and intersections. For the subject of goal setting, he encourages the students to find something they like to do, practice, and set goals. Each goal should be written down, specific, and measurable. He also encourages each student to go to college.

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