We are proud to announce that Kerri Barrett, Elementary Principal of West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science has been named one of the 10 semifinalists for the 2019 Michigan’s Charter School Administrator of the Year Award!

From nearly 600 total nominations and 200 submitted applications, she was selected as part of the top 10 administrators due to her incredible dedication and talent. She embodies what makes charters unique – the innovation, professionalism and passion that drive success in their schools.

“Our team of school leaders is phenomenal, passionate, focused and strong.  Kerri Barrett represents an army of school leaders that she collaborates with, shares success with and pushes one another from good to great,” Sarah Wildey, CEO of Choice Schools Associates, said. “We are honored that Kerri has the opportunity to share her amazing leadership skills and vision for the future with the entire charter school community.”     

Kerri Barrett is completing her seventh year as principal at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science.  Before taking on the school leaders role, Barrett was a social studies teacher, the service learning trip coordinator and the volleyball coach. Her passion for collaboration and her belief that working together makes things easier has made WMAES thrive.

“To be recognized by MAPSA as a semi-finalist for the Administrator Of The Year is a true honor,” Barrett said. “Our team at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science is dedicated to creating a unique environment for our kids to learn.  I am so grateful for our school community and the opportunities that are given to our students because of their commitment. We continue to reflect and grow at WMAES, and this recognition is an opportunity to celebrate our students’ growth!”

“No matter how much the school succeeds, Kerri is always thinking about what is next and how to make it better. Her compassion and commitment to her students and staff are contagious,” commented Stan Rathbun, Board Liaison for West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science and Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change.

“This nomination is a testament to her commitment to seeking greatness and teamwork. She is a true team player and would say that she wouldn’t be able to be the leader she is without her team.”

We are so proud of Barrett for her nomination.

Barrett will find out in April if she have been selected to be one of the five administrator finalists. The 2019 Michigan Charter School Administrator of the Year will then be announced in early May.