Welcome Back, Students

  • Business suit icon"My daughter graduated in 2012, and I was more than confident that she had all the skills needed to succeed in whatever she chose to do after WMAES. I am proud to be a WMAES Eagle Mom."
    -- April Nelson - Parent and Staff

Can you hear that?

It's the sound of shoes squeaking against the newly polished floors; it's the sound of loud chatter as students reminisce of their summertime fun; it's the sound of teachers learning to pronounce the names of their newest class members; it's Mrs. Barrett or Mr. Morgan saying the afternoon announcements over the intercom; it's the trees of West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science's campus, blowing wind smelling of apples and peaches.

All the smells, sounds, and new and old faces remind us that it's back-to-school. It's back to friends, learning, gardening, open classroom windows, and walks in the woods. Embrace the first day of school. Let it soak in. This is the start to a brand new year. This is the start to your future as students, and as citizens. What do you plan to make of the first day of school?