GreenAir Riders – Carpool Club

Are you interested in carpooling your student to school this year?

Parents have been showing an interest in having a carpool club at WMAES and we are willing to help make that possible. Visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/GreenAir and complete the quick questionnaire. With your feedback results, we will put you in contact
with other parents interested in keeping our air – GreenAir.

WMAES ArtPrize

WMAES ArtPrize is back! This is our 2nd Annual ArtPrize.

Every year, students participate in the school-wide ArtPrize to showcase school pride. First-hour classes and all elementary classrooms internally create a piece of artwork that demonstrates school pride. The materials used in the project must be recycled or
repurposed. Last year, the winning class created an interpretation of the WMAES Eagle. The school’s mascot was designed with feathers and showed an open wingspan. Ask your child’s teacher how YOU can get involved.
10/25 Entries completed and map provided to classes and families
10/31 Voting during lunches
11/1 School-wide assembly showcasing artwork and the 2nd Annual WMAES ArtPrize winners

WMAES – Becoming a Zero Waste Facility

On September 24, WMAES’ Student Council members took a field trip to Grand
Valley State University to tour their Sustainability Center.

While at GVSU, students met with several environmental activists and learned more about coordinating compost and recycling duties during lunch hours. A brief lecture and discussion about recycling was given, discussing our recycling program on the WMAES campus and how recycling impacts our school and community.

A fundamental belief of the WMAES Student Council is to help our community and our environment. Student Council members will be promoting and assisting with recycling initiatives, both within our school and community. Our Student Council is comprised of students in grades six through twelve who have demonstrated strong leadership skills, as well as a real knack for incorporating positive changes within our school community.

From their recent experience at GVSU, Student Council has generated ideas and steps to making WMAES a Zero Waste facility in the future. Their first step is training and monitoring students during school lunches to ensure proper waste removal. These students have been designated the “Green Team”. Student Council is currently setting goals for WMAES to achieve this year and is working on a plan to do away with disposable water bottles on campus.

Parent Information Night Presents PINGO!

WMAES would like to announce the kick-off date for PINGO! PINGO, Parent Involvement Nurtures Great Opportunities, is a game that will be played by parents throughout the school year. PINGO is played just like BINGO. Your PINGO game board can be picked up at the first Parent Information Night, being held October 9, at 5:00pm in the high school gymnasium. Parent Information Nights will be theme-based this year, starting with our first theme: Healthy Lifestyles. We hope to see you there!

PreKindergarten News

Field Trip Time!

Preschoolers will soon be learning about the fall season, as well as taking a trip to Klackle’s Orchard. Parents, if you are interested in volunteering please fill out the volunteer registration. Volunteer applications and release forms are available in the front office, or online at www.wma-es.com/parents-students/volunteer-programs.

Elementary News

A First-Class Experience

Last month, first graders learned about life cycles and ecosystems, as well as studied the decline of the Monarch butterfly population.

While at recess, first graders actually found a Monarch caterpillar. Students and Miss Hubert raised the caterpillar and recorded their observations as she grew, formed her chrysalis, and eventually became a butterfly. They were all overjoyed to finally let her back into the wild to complete her life cycle and migrate to Mexico! This coming month, students will be exploring the signs of fall, learning to write math equations, and becoming authors of their very own stories.

The Return of the MEAP

Students will be preparing for MEAP testing, which will take place in October.

Third graders will be MEAP testing October 8, 9 and 15. October 23, when MEAP is finished, students will be traveling to Holland for Native American’s of Michigan field trip. Parents and Grandparents interested in attending, please make sure all volunteer paperwork is filled out and submitted to the office as soon as possible.

Fourth graders will be reviewing third grade material in preparation for the MEAP. After the MEAP, students will be learning about heredity, looking at different environments, and making homemade apple cider – it’s going to be an exciting month! Read Mr. Morgan’s MEAP update in the Middle School section.

After School Club

WMAES will be offering an After School Club for students in grades 1 – 5 who have siblings in Academic Acceleration. This is a free club held in the gymnasium. After School Club will occur from 2:45 to 3:30. After 3:30, all students who have not yet been picked up will be brought to Green Kids Child Care – costs will apply.

Kindergarten… First Field Trip

On October 18, our Kindergarteners will be taking their first field trip to Klackle’s Orchard in Greenville, Michigan. Parents interested in volunteering can submit a volunteer application into the front office.

Middle School News

Mr. Morgan’s Minute

This is a reminder that during the month of October, students in grades 3–9 will be taking
the state mandated MEAP (Michigan Education Assessment Program).

It is vital that our students perform at their highest level. The results of this test grade and rank the students, teachers, and administrators at WMAES. Much weight is put on the advancement of students depending on whether they are proficient on this test. A 1 or 2 demonstrates proficiency and a 3 or 4 does not.

The administration and teaching staff have been working very hard to prepare all of our students for this assessment. It is very important that students get a good night’s sleep prior to taking this test, as well as a good breakfast and lots of hydration.

Please take the time to discuss the importance of this test with your student(s) and please contact us with any questions you may have.

The schedule and calendar for the test is pictured below:

MEAP Assessment Schedule

High School News

Michigan Hero – Close to Home

In English class, students began deciding whom to write about for their Michigan Hero essays.

Two students expressed an interest in writing about local fallen officers, Slot and Kozminski. In speaking with the WMAES school liaison officer, Officer Butch from the Walker P.D., an organized visit to the Walker Police Department was set up. The two students, Alyssa Juarez and Jaidah Bullis, had the opportunity to interview fellow officers of Officer Slot, as well as visit the Memorial created in his honor. “It was definitely cool. Something I would do again if I had the chance,” states Juarez. The students gathered valuable insight to include in their essays, and were able to honor a fallen hero.


Basketball and volleyball schedules are now available on our website. www.wma-es.com/parents-students/athletics


In Elementary Spanish, 5th graders will be learning about the ancient civilizations of Central and South America. During the month of October, 3rd-5th grade will be learning about Dia de los Muertos. If you have any information or ideas to share, please feel free to contact Sra. Hosmer. Don’t forget to visit the Spanish website at sites.google.com/a/choiceschools.com/espanol-con-sra-hosmer/

The GREEN Scene

With fall in full swing, the gardens at WMAES are quickly coming to an end. Many of the summer veggies have been harvested but with the unusually warm weather, there are still a few determined to ripen up before the first big frost. With the end of garden season comes the beginning of apple season for WMAES students. If you haven’t noticed, this years apple harvest looks like it will be one of the best in years and the apple trees at WMAES are no different.

Miss Holly and Mr. Shawn have been busy harvesting apples for our annual cider pressing activities. “In the past we have had to purchase apples from local growers” said Mr. Shawn. “Because this year has been so good for apples, we should have enough apples from the gardens for every class to participate.”

Besides it being fun for the kids to pick the apples and make cider at school, it is also a healthier alternative to purchasing. On average, each apple produced requires about 18 treatments of fungicide and pesticide (that’s why you always wash your apple). The apples at WMAES are 100% organic and have not been treated with any chemicals. Just pick, polish, and eat (or drink)!

Entrepreneurial News!Hunter Redmond holding up his guitar pick he made from recycled plastic bottle cap rings

Senior Entrepreneur, Hunter Redmond, has refined and completed a new prototype model for a guitar pick made from the plastic cap ring used on plastic bottles.

Hunter melts the plastic and molds it into the shape of a guitar pick. He is planning on having his guitar picks available for sale in the late fall.

This fall, locally owned and operated Beanilla is partnering with the Entrepreneurship program to assist with their new Homemade Vanilla Extract Kit product launch.

Students will be learning about the product’s conception and following it through to the end result. They will also be learning important details about selling a new product, such as determining a product’s selling price and profit margins, marketing techniques, shipping/materials logistics, food safety, and working with the Michigan Department of Agriculture (DOA). Feel free to visit www.beanilla.com to learn more about their wonderful company! Beanilla has been as strong supporter of the WMAES Entrepreneurial Program.

If you have any used clothing donations, please contact Mr. Johnson at ericjohnson@choiceschools.com. We are in need of old sweatshirts and t-shirts.




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