• Business suit iconI love WMAES. This school is tremendous and I couldn't imagine sending my son anywhere else.
    -- Jennifer Dietrich

"When I came to WMAES, I knew I had found the right fit for my teaching style. It's rare to have colleagues so willing to work together, and a student body so accepting of each other. Plus, what science teacher wouldn't want a 62-acre outdoor "lab"?"

Robert Barrett, HS Environmental Science Teacher


"I love West Michigan Academy. This school is tremendous and I couldn't imagine sending my son anywhere else. My husband and I searched for the right school for our family and we found it with West Michigan. The leadership is amazing. I love that the staff will meet my student where he is academically. If he needs help he will receive it but, if he is excelling in an area he will be pushed to achieve more. The communication you receive from teachers is wonderful. I always feel that I can talk to my son's teacher about any area of concern and the need will always be addressed. Where can you go and receive so much one-on-one attention and complete upfront communication from the staff. A wonderful school that I will continue to send my son to."

Jennifer Dietrich, Parent



"The opportunities our students have to explore the outdoors and learn about the world around them is amazing! Students at WMAES love learning in our environment. I always seem to learn something new too!"

Kimberly Jones, PreKindergarten Teacher


"February will makr my eleventh year as an employee at WMAES. I have enjoyed my time and have been amazed at all of the wonderful growth that has occurred. I looke forward to coming to work every day. However, as wonderful as it is to work here, the greatest things I've experienced come from being a parent at WMAES for the past 15 years. My son will graduate next year, and my daughter graduated last year. I will be sad to see my time as a WMAES parent pass. The staff here truly cares about their students. When my son was faced with an obstacle last year, his teachers, coaches, athletic director, and principal all rallied support - showing him compassion that will forever be carried in our hearts. I am proud to be part of a school that believes in compassion as much as it does its academics. When my daughter graduated, I was more than confident that she was taught all the skills needed to succeed wherever she ventured after WMAES. I'm happy to say I feel the same way about my son. I am proud to be a WMAES Eagle Mom."

April Nelson, Parent and Staff


"I love teaching at WMAES because character and academics go hand-in-hand. By focusing on character education, we are able to create a postive and respectful environment that allows students to learn and grow. There is a strong sense of community between the students, families, and staff that you can't find in many places."

Clare Shubert, 1st Grade Teacher


"My three years at West Michigan Academy have been such a blessing. Because I teach 9th - 12th grade Social Studies, I have had the opportunity to get to know all of our high school students. Every year, it’s exciting to observe their academic and social growth. To have my Global Issues students relate our current unit of study to an event they learned in US History two years prior is such a satisfying experience.

I have also had the pleasure of advising the Student Council of WMAES. From helping the hungry and homeless in Grand Rapids to fundraising for humanitarian relief around the world, these students are gaining a strong awareness of the power of community.

Because of the outstanding group of students, teachers, and administration at WMAES, I have complete confidence our graduates leave with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college and beyond."

Julie Tuuk, Parent and HS Social Studies Teacher




"I am fiercly proud of the teachers I spend my days with at WMAES. Our collective dedication to the students we see in our classrooms everyday is truly special. Not only do we care deeply that our students find academic success; but, it is easy to see evidence everyday that all of the teachers here care very much for their students personally as well."

Leanne DeYoung, HS Environmental Science Teacher


"I have taught at West Michigan Academy for seven years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of subject areas in grades ranging from 3rd to eighth. Currently, I teach within my specialty area, Language Arts, at the middle school level. I am so thankful to be able to teach at a school such as WMAES. The staff is a family of educators who work together, with WMAES parents and students, to create a cohesive community of teachers and learners that promote a lifelong love of learning within our students. Administration contributes to this wonderful atmosphere through its ongoing support, leadership, and encouragement that enables the WMAES staff to create this love of learning within our students.

Nowhere else can one teach using 62 acres of land as a classroom. This vast outdoor classroom at WMAES gives students the opportunity to learn about the environment in a hands-on way, while at the same time, allows teachers to integrate an environmental focus into their subject area. The lessons learned on our campus go far beyond the classroom walls, providing students with a fundamental knowledge and a deep understanding about the environment that they will carry with them through life."

Melissa Moens, Teacher